Delivered by BRE in association with MBE KTN and NRC

3 October

Impact of buildings on people and health

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In a healthy building, occupants are not distracted by environmental discomfort or prevented from working by chronic, building-related illness. A healthier building can also increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and promote higher job satisfaction.

This session will highlight the key issues around making existing buildings healthy and safe, addressing issues around fuel poverty and an ageing population. 

09:30 Welcome and introduction Jaya Skandamoorthy, BRE 
09:40 Keynote address Jaya Skandamoorthy, BRE 

Improved housing improves health

Ben Bolgar, Senior Director, The Princes Foundation 

Making our existing housing stock healthy and safe  This presentation reports on recent work undertaken by BRE to measure the health cost-benefits to the NHS of improving the housing stock, installing energy efficiency measures and making social housing ‘decent.’

Simon Nicol, Head of Housing Centre, BRE 
10:40 How technology can meet the needs of housing an ageing population Jackie Marshall-Balloch, TSB



Using the Workplace to Enhance Staff Satisfaction and Business Performance

Mindy Hadi, BRE 

Healthcare delivery and building on the park

Michael Clarke, Willmot Dixon 

Panel discussion

Chaired by Simon Nicol, BRE 
12:30 Close  


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Technology can help to improve the built environment and change the way people behave. But solutions need to be developed around the end user and technologies can quickly become outdated.

This session highlights the key issues around the continuously evolving needs of end users and the technologies that are being developed to meet these needs, whether it’s creating connected buildings, or future-proofing against obsolescence.

13:30 Welcome and introduction Deborah Pullen, BRE 
13:40 Keynote address Richard Miller, Head of Sustainability, Technology Strategy Board 

How BIM and procurement is enabling new technology to be adopted

Nick Tune, BRE Wales 

The industry’s response to meeting user needs

Oliver Schneider, Managing Director, The Facility
14:40 An holistic approach to technology solutions  Paul Joyner, Managing Director, Sustainble Business Solutions, Travis Perkins 
15:00  Interactivity – between energy suppliers and white product manufacturers  Ashley Pocock, Head of Industry Change, Regulation and External Affairs, Smart Metering, EDF Energy 
15:20 Refreshments  

Energy solutions and people friendly building controls

The advent of energy efficiency has been met with some degree of uncertainty in terms of complexity and benefits of solutions available. Research shows that uptake of new technology is being hampered by lack of understanding, and the need for education around simple, innovative and cost-effective solutions  will be key to accelerating sustainability in both the commercial and domestic environment.

Brian Smithers, Business Devlopment Director, Rexel Northern European Zone 
16:00  Dealing with obsolescence - how to future proof buildings to changes to technology  Martin Orrill, Head of Technology and Innovation, British Gas, British Gas
16:20  How innovation has enabled AIMC4 Cliff Fudge, Technical Director at H+H UK Limited
16:40  Panel discussion  Chaired by Deborah Pullen 
17:10  Close  
  • Sustainable retrofit of buildings
  • Re-Vitalising communities
  • Wellbeing