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The Smart Home

The Smart Home, part of the British Gas Smart Home project involved the complete refurbishment of the Integer House, which was constructed in 1998 and featured in Carol Vorderman's BBC television series 'Dream House' as an eco-house exemplar.

The project is helping to understand how smart technology can contribute to the occupant maximizing energy savings potential as well as demonstrating best practice approaches creating a low carbon, energy-efficient home.

The original Integer House was a hugely innovative step in predicting housing needs for the future when it was originally constructed and has already produced considerable learning for the industry. The refurbished home will demonstrate high levels of insulation, airtightness and innovative technologies covering heating and lighting controls, building integrated photovoltaics, window and roof-light solutions, while addressing overheating and indoor air quality.

Data gathered from occupational studies before and after will inform industry of the effectiveness of the improvements, both for energy and comfort.

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The Smart Home in the last stages of refurbishment

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