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INSITE13 Q&A - How can technology drive change?

The Facility’s, Oliver Schneider talks about some of the issues around creating user-led technologies and how industry should respond to consumer expectations. Read more.

INSITE13 Q&A - Creating places for people BREEAM Communities Technical Consultant and INSITE13 presenter Tom Hyde talks about the issues around around creating sustainable communities. Read more.


Mark Prisk MP comments on INSITE13 programme 'I commend BRE for putting together such an interesting programme' July 2013


A more eco-friendly way of life - the Princes House
With two housing projects on this year’s Stirling Prize shortlist, the debate over what modern homes, particularly modern eco homes, should look like has reignited.
A smart young couple have been living in a handsome Regency-style house for a year. The front garden is thrumming with bees visiting the alliums and the eaves provide welcome shade in the stifling July heat. Cosmin Ticleanu and Elena Coltea are “volunteer occupants” and have been test-driving this house on BRE's Innovation Park in Watford.

Time for some better behaviour!
Melaine Thompson, Freelance writer and Editor of Get Sust says 'Saving energy is a sure-fire way to cut emissions and save money, but we are all guilty of forgetting to turn off appliances or turning on the air-conditioning when we really should just wear more comfortable clothing. Yes, human nature is a strange thing: we sometimes go miles to avoid taking simple actions that could save us money. Why? I don’t know the answer (I dare say my energy use is similar to most people’s) but I do know some people who might be able to point us in the right direction.'

Technology4Change: Building technologies at INSITE13
The needs of building users are in a constant state of change and technology must continue to evolve in order to meet these needs. Everything from connected buildings to smart security solutions must be equipped to best serve the end users


BRE's INSITE13 event focusses on people
BRE’s INSITE13 conference, which takes place on the 2-3 October at its head office site in Watford, will examine how we make buildings fit the needs of people and communities.


Technology4Change to sponsor INSITE13
A new e-publication that delivers the latest news from the exciting world of technology and innovation within the built environment in an informative and easy-to-read manner.

Martin Orrill, Head of Technology, British Gas joins the conference programme
Martin will discuss the importance of future-proofing our buildings to changes in technologyInnovation Zone comes back to Insite13

Innovation Zone comes back to Insite13
Since its launch at INSITE09, the MBE KTN's Innovation Zone has been a key exhibition at Ecobuild, the premier exhibition for the sustainable built environment - now it's back. As you might expect, the Innovation Zone is all about showcasing new and emerging solutions that meet the challenges of sustainability and low carbon energy efficiency. Come and see some of the novel ideas on display and meet the people behind them. Find out more

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